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We’re Out of Office for Bizzo. We create, organise and facilitate business games that are designed with your organisation’s goals and outcomes in mind for experiences that last.

Our business games are built on models that are unique, with a striking mix of team building, leadership training and learning in a fun way. Plus, they take place in a live and highly interactive environment.

Participants of our games are brought together in teams to collaborate and reach a pre-set goal. They must rely on each other to reach specific targets of the game plan, which is easier said than done. This is where building trust, out-of-the-box thinking, clear communication and a result-orientated attitude are essential. The ultimate winning outcome for you and your staff is the stickiness of our games. Game play results in an improvement ripple effect which continues in an everyday business context.

We know that you are serious in achieving your goals, and that’s why we are serious about business gaming.

Out of Office for Bizzo Pty. Ltd is a partner of L.I.B. Businessgames B.V. Founded in the Netherlands 15 years ago, L.I.B. Businessgames B.V has strong global partnerships with us, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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ANZ Partner

Konrad Kempe
Konrad KempeDirector & Game architect at Out of Office for Bizzo Pty. Ltd.
Having worked with great people of diverse backgrounds on contributing to improving fascinating businesses, I believe that joint leaps to success are only really happening if the people across the teams can actually laugh together!
Those experiences inspire me every time. So my drive is to ensure that games allow your teams to learn and observe fun together, on which they reflect and take the energy back to the office – for successful Bizzo!
Maarten Platenkamp
Maarten PlatenkampDirector & Game architect at Out of Office for Bizzo Pty. Ltd.
I work with enthusiasm and passion on delivering unforgettable, energetic business games. My personal goal is to always give the participants from your company an inspiring experience, in which they have both learned something and had fun. I am in fact convinced that pleasure and interaction are unmissable factors in the learning process.
Alicent Wong
Alicent WongOut of Office Specialist at Out of Office for Bizzo Pty. Ltd.
People say never to mix work and play, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull person. The best projects I’ve worked on were born out of many out of office ideation sessions in the park or in the pub, or just simply writing ideas out on many a Post-It note and making an idea collage on the office walls. The business games that we run embrace that work and play should and need to mix in order to give your organisation the outcomes it needs for continual growth and success.
Daniela Kempe
Daniela KempeGamephotoshooter at Out of Office for Bizzo Pty. Ltd.
What I love most about my job is having the opportunity to capture those moments that encapsulate the raw energy and vibrancy in a shot. My job at Bizzo is to communicate that fun and dynamic atmosphere generated by the teams when they play the games. Everyone has a child inside of them, and that truly comes through at game time.
Gijs van der Linden
Gijs van der LindenDirector at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V. - Netherlands HQ
According to friends and acquaintances, my enthusiasm, creativity and entrepreneurship have made L.I.B. Businessgames what it now is.
At the beginning of 2001, I started developing my own management game model. At the beginning of 2002, I registered myself with the Chamber of Commerce as L.I.B. Businessgames. Anno 2019, my company sets the tone in the development and execution of live Business Games and that’s something I’m proud of!